Horadaze in da Hizzle Re-Release

2014-01-05 23:26:36 by IceSage

  • Widescreen Format
  • Fixed some audio sync issues.
  • Mp4 format available for mobile users!


Nothing much has changed. I just thought one of the great classics should look with the times and be presentable.

Grandpa's Safety Tips!

2010-10-18 13:48:41 by IceSage

The beach episode still isn't done yet. However, I'll be releasing a poorly made short episode for Halloween, called "Grandpa's Safety Tips!"

Yes, it sucks as badly as the title suggests. It will be out on Halloween.

Episode 4 of Deities Requiem: Another Stupid Beach, is coming soon!

It's been awhile since an actual "episode" of Deities Requiem, as the rest of the episodes are basically "Holiday Specials" over the past 3 years. All of which, come out horribly late.

Well, after 3 years of slacking off, I've almost finished the episode. The episode was actually suppose to be episode 5. But the original episode 4 sucked, so we just skipped it.

I tried to make it as pretty as possible... However, I'm still not a SUPER EXTREME ANIMATOR. If I even attempted to be, this episode would never get done on time.

Pay attention to updates on my page, and hopefully you all will enjoy the new episode! It's going to be a lot more thrilling than the other episodes, I promise you that much.

More to come!

2008-06-22 21:58:30 by IceSage

So, I've been working on some new stuff.

The following will be out before Christmas this year:

*Deities Requiem: Episode 4 (A new version, not the fishing one.)
*A couple of shorts that'll get boring rather fast
*A few shorts I plan to submit to a collab project that I know I'll most likely never finish 'nor will they get accepted if I do finish them.

Also, if you missed it, which you probably did because nobody cares... There's a commentary on YouTube for "Horadaze in da' Hizzle."

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This came out like, last year. But nobody really watched it so whatever.

Also, if anyone wants to contribute to Deities Requiem at all or make their own fan episode, let me know. I think it'll be freakin' hilarious to see other people try to recreate DR.

Deities Requiem - Horadaze in da' Hizzle

2007-08-11 23:41:53 by IceSage

I decided to post this to the front page just for the hell of it, since a good lot of the posts happen to be "lolz" or "bye.... ass" or some other nonsense. So, sure, why not....

The flash animation, Deities Requiem - Horadaze in da' Hizzle is finally finished.

It was meant to be released Christmas 06, but, due to laziness and an in-joke of my work being horribly late, it was released 9 months late. It's Christmas themed but is meant to be in tribute to ALL Holidays through-out the year. Somehow...

In case you want to know what the animation is about, you can visit the wiki on it at:

The wiki is closed to registration, but you can read all the articles and pages.

What makes this animation "big" for me is that it's the 1st animation I've finished that doesn't look like COMPLETE suck. (Probably loads of suck, but not COMPLETE suck.)

I invite you, if you dare, to look at the previous Deities Requiem episodes and compare them so you get a feel just how big of a leap this is compared the previous versions.

Well, that's about it. Leave all your comments, questions, and hatred below.

Also, feel free to write fan fiction or your own versions / parodies of this. I'm interested in what kind of major suckage / major epicness can come out it from other people.

Oh, and one last thing. Special thanks to the Voice Acting Club for the auditions of some of the people there, most importantly Michael Keens, who voiced "Danji" in this episode. He's an excellent voice actor and his talents far exceed this episode.

In the near future, a Halloween Episode will be produced. It wont be anything major, but look forward to it anyway.

'Tis all!

Holiday Ep is done.

2007-08-09 15:13:15 by IceSage

The holiday ep, entitled "Horadaze in da' Hizzle" is now complete. I'm touching up the final parts of it, adding credits, etc. It'll be uploaded soon.

Deities Requiem - Holiday Ep

2007-07-25 14:12:25 by IceSage

The holiday episode of Deities Requiem is soon to come. It's been over 7 months in the making... Well, not really. I'm just pretty damn lazy. However, it'll be better than the other 4 Deities Requiem episodes and will actually be... *GASP* watchable! It has some new original voices in it too.

The website for Deities Requiem is currently down, however you can still access it if it's available at http://www.icesage.com/drequiem

The YouTube page is much better for some of the episodes that went out of synch for some reason. You can find the YouTube page at http://www.youtube.com/DeitiesRequiem

Expect the Holiday Episode within the end of August. Then comes another Halloween episode... Hopefully on time this time; but I doubt it.